Front page of the Illustrated London News for April 4, 1864. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

From “Today’s News continues a great tradition,” National Geographic, April, 1961.

[Frank] Vizetelly’s drawings and dispatches competed for space in the Illustrated London News with accounts of other wars, treaties, and the obituaries of eminent persons — all of interest to empire-conscious English readers.

A pioneer in global reporting, the News might feature an article about the Polish situation, and complete the page with a Vizetelly drawing of rare Confederate ironclads chewing at Federal ships near Charleston. Ironclads notwithstanding, blockaders bottled up much of Vizetelly’s material.

Photograph of Frank Vizetelly, from the Brady-Handy Collection, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

From “Witness to a War,” National Geographic, April, 1961.

Frank Vizetelly was an English war correspondent who covered the US Civil War for the Illustrated London News and was present at the battle at Bull Run, among others.